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Can Marvel Beat Dragon Ball Z?

Could Dragon Ball Z Warriors defeat Marvel Heroes and Villains? What Universe is the most powerful?

There are several franchises that have contributed to popular culture, but none of them have had more influence than Marvel Comics and Dragon Ball. They are close in many respects, thematically and in their use of spectacular action scenes, but they have never really been pitted against each other.

Although Marvel Vs Capcom, Shining Force, and Marvel Vs. DC have made headway in video games and comics to display a contrast of power things are still uncertain. As Tatsunoko has been faced with Capcom at comparatively matching stages, there is no general rule in contrast. In the war between Dragon Ball and Marvel, both must be measured for strength, pace, intellect, vitality, and spirit.

The first title, Marvel vs. Capcom: Battle of Super Heroes, was colorful, animated, and featured a lot of warriors. It was a visual treat for players as they visited the stages of Mega Man, Street Fighter, and so on. As the series progressed with Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, so did the sleek aesthetics. And the same flair was all over Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where heroes and villains stood out in both their looks and acts.

Thanos vs Goku

Conclusion: Can Marvel Beat Dragon Ball Z?

The conclusion is not clear, particularly if we consider other conditions. I was shocked that the characters themselves had less impact on the result than on the circumstances themselves.

How does the stadium look like? Icey sub-zero weather, huh? Lava World with temperatures that are capable of melting steel beams?

Will that be the arena of Gamma Radiation? Also the arms and amplifiers, the iconic artifacts. There are so many criteria for discussion that we can’t tell for sure.

In conclusion, this is a difficult question to answer, but if the conditions were a temperature-level room with no obstacles and no weapons allowed, DragonBall Z would win against Marvel.

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