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Is Final Fantasy 15 Good?

Final Fantasy 15 isn’t a flawless game. It’s ripe with bugs, some minor and some especially bad.

In 1992, as many North American players experienced their first taste of the Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy IV on the Super Nintendo, economist Francis Fukuyama published The End of History and The Last Man. In his novel, Fukuyama believed that the collapse of the Berlin Wall meant an endpoint to the evolution of social institutions in humanity, and argued that the neo-liberal democracies of the 20th century were the most advanced form of human society, so that the 21st century will see an unparalleled period of peace.

Final Fantasy 15, famously, took ten years to enter the market, and despite ranking among the best-selling Final Fantasy games, reviewers and players generally agreed that while improving the Final Fantasy XIII, it was not up to the hype. With various teasers, previews, short anime episodes, and even a full-length (Kingsglaive) Final Fantasy 15, there is definitely no shortage of content, but a significant part of the story is missing, and even the iconic moments appearing in the trailers have struggled to make it to the final game. So much extra-curricular material is needed to absorb the entire story that the final product is an experience that encapsulates every inconsistency in late-stage capitalism, as every amazing moment of genuine awe is undermined by hollow disappointment, speckled with product placement from Vivienne Westwood to Cup of Noodles.

Of course, the collapse of the Berlin Wall was not the end of history, as Fukuyama believed, just as Final Fantasy XV was not the end of a beloved franchise. As all things worth preserving, it just takes a little radical creativity, but it is also important to look at the desolate environments that surround us in order to understand exactly how we got here.

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is officially on its way. First unveiled during the PS5 showcase back in September with an announcement trailer, the next entry in the long-running series is expected to land on the PS5 as an exclusive console.

Along with the cinematic scenes and glimpses of gameplay in the trailer, Square Enix has put out an official website for the next Final Fantasy entry. Illustrated with gorgeous artwork, the website offers details about three of the main characters we’ll be meeting, the world setting, and some minor story elements. We’ve gathered together everything we know about Final Fantasy 16 into one place. And since we can hardly wait to find out more, we’ve also put together a list of what the upcoming installment needs to capture fans’ hearts once again.

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 release date

There is currently no set release date for Final Fantasy 16. We wouldn’t dream to see it as early as 2022.

That said the game’s first reveal trailer was remarkably polished – it showed cutscenes and fights running in real-time, which producer Naoki Yoshida says “represents but a fraction of what our team has accomplished since the start of development on this.”

Everyone recalls the awfully long wait for Final Fantasy 15 – which was announced in 2006 as a completely different game before the production was rebooted before the 2016 release date. Don’t expect Yoshida to be much of an organizational mastermind this time. It’s the brains behind Final Fantasy 14’s A Realm Reborn reinvention – an amazing turnaround, and evidence that FF16 is in safe hands, definitely in terms of timing and tale.

Yoshida says there’s going to be a major announcement about the game in 2021, so expect it later than that makes sense.

Final Fantasy 15 Has a Good Story

Final Fantasy XV, before it became what it was, was conceived as a spin-off game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII by game director Testsuya Nomura back in 2006. The game was supposed to be bold and optimistic, but after years of development, it was too ambitious and called the Final Fantasy XV.

While the new director, Hajime Tabata, was able to turn the whole project around and work towards a playable game, FFXV still had some deep-rooted problems that made the story an inconsistent mess. Initially, the game begins really promising. The open world looks gorgeous, and exploring it in Regalia along with four friends—Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladio—is maybe the place where FFXV shines brightest. However as the game progresses, there seems to be one thing out there.

Final Fantasy 15’s story content is further divided into Platinum Demo, various spin-off novels, A King’s Tale game, and several DLC packs that eventually influence how enjoyable the game itself is. Ignis, Prompto and Gladio’s character arcs are tucked away in paying DLCs that are scarcely in or prominent in the main plot. At one point, Ignis disappears and comes back blind for reasons clarified only if you buy his DLC episode. In the meantime, FFXV’s side-quests are gentle and uninspired, mainly made up of Noctis, the Prince of Lucis, making worldly errands for random people.

Conclusion: Is Final Fantasy 15 Good?

Final Fantasy 15 is not the dream game to play. It’s ripe with bugs, some minor and some especially bad. The game plot is a mess (the side effect of the big chunks of his story being split into DLC and spin-off promotional movies and anime), and his side quests are uninspired and unnecessarily basic. However one feature of the game stands out above all, and it’s something that can come back to potential games.

The dynamic and gameplay elements surrounding the four main characters, Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladio, are unlike anything previously seen in open-world games. These characters speak to each other about the intimacy that only the closest friends would have had, and the bond between them is well used to construct a game that feels like going on a road trip with “bros.”

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